The European quality benchmark for online, open and flexible education


The quick scan as a quick orientation

The quick scan is developed to give you a first orientation on the strengths of your eLearning performance and your fields of improvement. These fields of improvement need further attention and will be the basis for working with the manual and assessors notes. 

Build a small team

The on-line questionnaire needs to be filled out by different disciplines in your organisation coming from management, course designers, tutors and students. It is therefore recommended to build a small team of people that correspond with these disciplines. The team also has the task to find out which benchmarks are relevant or less important for their institution. The result of doing the Quick Scan must be an agreed overview of benchmarks that fit your institution as well as a number of benchmarks that ask for an action line in the roadmap of improvement.

E-xcellence manual and assessors notes

The E-xcellence instrument consists of a manual and assessors notes to assess the institution on its eLearning performance. The manual is based on 32 benchmarks directly related to eLearning specific quality criteria. These form the basis for our self assessment exercise. As the manual is not a book you start reading from page one till the end, you need to be guided in deciding which chapters (read benchmarks) are of interest to your institution. The quickscan is just doing that!

How to use the quickscan?

We ask you to consider each statement and to judge how this aspect of e-learning is realised in the course or programme of your institution or faculty. How much and which attention does your institution pay to the specific aspect of e-learning that is mentioned in the benchmark? The instrument offers you the opportunity to make comments on the specific issues by indicating: Not Adequate, Partially Adequate, Largely Adequate or Fully Adequate.  The instrument also offers you the opportunity to make comments on the specific issue: in the box you can refer to documents or other references which can be used as reference on that specific aspect of e-learning. Filling out this box is not required. It can be use full for internal discussion. You can share the results with your colleagues.

Visit the online quickscan with automatic generated feedback.