The European quality benchmark for online, open and flexible education



The instrument is based on the E-xcellence manual containing the benchmark statements, with the criteria and indicators. In the guide you can find the criteria and indicators. The structure of the instrument is identical to the sections in the guide and are organised into six sections.


Read, share and apply the newest version of the E-xcellence Manual with the latest benchmarks in quality e-learning performance. 

This third edition includes additional material reflecting on new and recent trends: the rapid rise of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), a surge of interest in learning analytics, and an increasing use of learning design in a more systematic approach to the development of e-learning courses. A number of other topics that are not yet widespread have also been included, such as an increased focus on personalisation, flipped approaches to teaching, virtual and remote laboratories, digital badges and e-portfolios.


pdfDownload the third edition of the E-xellence manual (2016)  


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We recommend institutions who are assessing the e-learning aspects of courses or programmes first to do the quickscan. Based on the results of the quickscan, you can restrict your focus in the manual to certain chapters.


 pdfDownload the second edition of the E-xellence manual (2012) 


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