The European quality benchmark for online, open and flexible education



Established in January 1987, the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) is Europe’s institutional network for open and flexible higher education. At present its membership comprises the open and distance teaching universities, national consortia which connect conventional universities and associate members from non-European countries. Its membership covers over 200 universities and  around three million students across Europe.

The objectives of EADTU address:

  • the advancement of open and flexible education in  Europe in a lifelong learning perspective;
  • the institutional development of the members;
  • research and innovation of open and flexible education.

All this supported by new educational concepts, technologies and  environments within international cooperation in Europe and worldwide.

The EADTU strategies fit into the European Area of Higher Education (Bologna Declaration) and the Lisbon Strategy of the EU, the national and European policies with regard to lifelong learning, and into institutional strategies for the lifelong development of high quality competencies for European citizens.