The European quality benchmark for online, open and flexible education

SEQUENT project


EADTU, EFQUEL and ENQA have joined forces in the SEQUENT project (2014-2015) under the Lifelong learning programme of the European Commission. It concerns a European wide initiative that will not only promote both quality in e-learning models E-xcellence (EADTU) and UNIQUe (EFQUEL) but more broadly the variety of quality tools, quality approaches and quality models that may serve the improvement of e-learning provision in European education. In line with the current EU policy on opening up education the SEQUENT project will draw attention to the use of ICT in higher education.
The SEQUENT project therefore aims to promote excellence in online and flexible education, with a clear goal to support European Universities to follow the European Modernization Agenda and to make higher education in Europe fit better to cross-border collaboration initiatives in the implementation of innovative and ICT enhanced partnerships.

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